guess what?

people are still buying their administrative assistants flowers. we were so surprised. pleasantly surprised, but exhausted now. our april to date is 10% higher than last year! my credit cards are all paid off minius $100 or so of revolving debt! sure i haven't paid my student loans for march or april, but i think i can splurge and buy lisa! and i thai food tonight! my feet hurt. we deserve it.


but there's more

i miss you all too much! the tweet is fun, but so short. i just can't type fast enough on the iphone. don't get me wrong- it's amazing i love it, i don't even mind being bought off. but there are just some things it doesn't do as well as a keyboard does. now of course that i've started i can't really remember what it was i wanted to type about so badly today. that, alas, is the problem with blogging. i compose these amazing posts in my head and by the time i get home from work they're gone. but you should all know, i'm ok.

-was in PA for my grandma's 80th birthday along with all the family, including meike.
-while there ordered iphone which is mom's bribe to make me love her again (worked!)
-quit all after-school activities since then (too busy playing with my iphone to square dance, scheduling problems with knitting), including forgetting to go to therapy
-Paid my taxes (0nly $162 federal! horray for so few 1099-MISC this year!)
-got the flu
-worked considerably on constructing the most amazing garden possible in 9" of balcony space
-made plans to go with lisa to grand rapids for easter.

that's been my two weeks. having fun, but miss you all.