i watch fewer movies than i read books, so i'll go back farther with these. if you're on netflix and you think the below list is interesting, please make me your friend!

august 07:
simpsons movie

juli 07:
little miss sunshine
jesus camp

juni 07:
NONE. isn't that sad?

mai 07:
billy's hollywood screen kiss
high heels
shrek III
all over me

april 07:
motorcycle diaries
season 1 disk 1 the muppets show
shut up and sing

märz 07:
all i want. isn't that sad? only one movie, and it was awful.

februar 07:
groundhog day
big eden

januar 07:
igby goes down
happy feet

dezember 06:
charlotte's web
muppets christmas carol
american dreamz
it's a wonderful life

november 06:
the gymnast
fahrenheit 911

oktober 06:
high art
imagine you and me
open season

september 06:
the quiet
rear window
the science of sleep

august 06:
ma vie en rose

juli 06:
the birdcage
superman returns
defying gravity

juni 06:
the last year
more tales of the city
beautiful people

mai 06:

april 06:
happy endings
v for vendetta
dark habits
goodbye lennin!

märz 06:
american splendor
bad education

februar 06:
white oleander
the city of lost children

januar 06:
brokeback mountain
nightmare before christmas
maria full of grace
the upside of anger
jay and silent bob strike back
it happened one night
by hook or by crook
napoleon dynamite

dezember 05:
harper valley pta
narnia: the lion the witch and the wardrobe
adventures of 2 girls in love
uptown girls
better than chocolate

november 05:
freaky friday (new version)
shreck 2
sisterhood of the traveling pants
simpsons season 2

oktober 05:
tales of the city disk 2
latter days

september 05:
man of aran
mall rats

august 05:
tales of the city disk 2
the man who knew too much
welcome to the dollhouse

juli 05:
the incredibles
i *heart* huckabees
but i'm a cheerleader again, with ch and jack

juni 05:
beyond silence
big fish
simpsonds season2 disk 1
tales of the city disk 1
a league of their own

mai 05:
master and commander: the far side of the world
kissing jessica stein, again, with g
william shakespeare's romeo + juliet

april 05:
im juli
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
edge of 17
live flesh

märz 05:
easy rider
a handmaid's tale
a home at the end of the world
where the heart is
all about my mother
xmen united

februar 05:
the borne supremecy

januar 05:
the american friend
late bloomers
inventing the abbotts
smilla's sense of snow

dezember 04:
all about the guy

november 04:
things you can tell just by looking at her
pieces of april
what have i done to deserve this?

october 04:
annie hall
all about eve
cold comfort farm
the bitter tears of petra von kant

september 04:
the man who wasn't there
apocolypse now
mean girls
strawberry and chocolate (fresa y chocolate)

august 04:
far from heaven
the graduate
matrix reloaded
garden state
someone like you
bowling for columbine

juli 04:
leagally blonde 2
dark city
shawshank redemption
silence of the lambs
ocean's 11

juni 04:
bagdhad cafe
the big lebowski
hedwig and the angry inch
but i'm a cheerleader
chasing amy
mr deeds goes to town
dr. strangelove
pirates of the carribean

and that takes us to when this blog started. there are many movies before that, but you all'd have to show interest for me to type up more.
the future ones, however, you'll get without even asking.

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