kick er while she's down

sorry i haven't been blogging, but i've been feeling really kicked lately. i was supposed to go to Boston to see my mom for z's birthday this weekend. But mom called last week and said marty was taking her to costa rica for the week instead. So i'm all hurt and angry about that. and guilty, of course, because how awful is it that i'm angry at someone with cancer.

then yesterday, i had a bad day at rock and roll heaven. the boss is never kind about mistakes, and so i was still feeling picked on from when i first came in, and then i was trying to clean the machine and broke the bobbin case. and he of course flipped out and said he might have to send me home, and so i just left. it felt so good to storm out of there, and my escape vehicle, the foster street bus, was right there, so i had a great getaway.

of course, he called my cell when i was on the bus and said, "i said MIGHT"... as my therapist said, i can't even do that right. but he sorta apologized, in his emo straight boy privileged way, and told me i could make up the hours. so sadly i didn't burn that bridge, but that's not really something you can do in this sort of economy. i did go home and finish enough bags for brigid that she will pay me more than a whole day at souldier. and i set up an etsy shop (caitlinleah, doncha know). i have 1 measly item and no personality, but the idea of alchemy facinates me, and it would be a dream to have that be an income source.


post holiday

survived. my dad sent me a check with a "v-day note" i need to call him and thank him. Ch and I kept hoping we would be surprised and have to order more flowers, but we never did. so even though we're happy about our conservative buying, it's still sorta depressing. we did use all the roses we had, but we didn't have that many. On v-day, we were only open till 4- the loop's just a ghost town on the weekends. then i went to the library, and i didn't get there in time to get a new card, but they would let me pick up my holds with my new ID.

Then i came over to lisa!'s, i had made her a valentine (the squirrel heart krista shared on reader, i can't remember where it's from) and of course brought her two dozen roses. She had been working too, and so grabbed me a box of very fancy champagne truffles on the way home, then we went out for dinner. It was so low key and so low pressure, it's only looking back that i see how incredibly traditional we were- all bases covered!

On Sunday she got up early and futzed around while i rolled over and went back to sleep. when i finally woke up we went to breakfast at the holiday club and then to the asian grocery store. when i got home i was so tired i went right to bed without putting my groceries away. when i woke up from my nap i was still so tired i couldn't do bags or make dinner. the effort was just too much. Lisa finally came over and made dinner for me and it was amazing.

i was sorta out of it for work yesterday, which was fine cause ch was exhausted too. but i'm worried about today- i have to go work for cookie and all i want is a day off. in fact, right now i'm blogging in pjs instead of doing yoga or eating breakfast or washing or getting dressed... and i have 20 min before i have to leave. sigh. zzzzzzz.


wallet and other misery

i filed my police report, i'm getting the charges on my cards reversed. dude cashed both my paychecks i was gonna cash on monday. that's a lot of money. i have all these dirty dishes in my sink and my life makes me want to cry. i just knocked over not one but two dishes, a big mixing bowl and a plate, and shattered them all over the marble floor.

hey, two less to wash.

but lisa's here now, and she's sweeping them up for me, and sticking large bills in my wallet and pockets. it's nice to be loved.



so my wallet was stolen yesterday on the train. i was pickpocketed i think, he started making charges about an hour after i got to work. what a huge hassle. as if vday isn't enough. so you can understand if i'm not blogging as much as you would like.


V minus 6

it's the v-day week countdown! get your orders in now! temp positions are no longer available, but let me know if you want to be on a list to be backup if a larger influx of orders than predicted overwhelms our little flowershop!


yes we can.

i don't know how to make it unsideways, but here's me dancing in my most recent project for cookie. the stripes are removable!


lax again

sorry. but it's been busy. i love having all these outside activities, but it's stressful so close to v-day. this past weekend lisa! and i threw an amazing dinner party- 6 courses, 9 guests- which i have some photos from and will post eventually. monday was houseblessing and tuesday was anti-procrastination, and then yesterday was WBEZ's audible feast, with scott simon, peter sagal, and ira glass. lisa! got a cell phone photo of us with ira glass- i'll try and post that too. it was fun, but way too late for a weeknight. and with square dancing tonight, knit night tomorrow, and lisa!'s family coming into town saturday, i'm not really preparing for v-day very well.