Boston! by unglaubliche caitlin
Boston!, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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Lisa and i spent a day in boston and it was really nice. this was the view from our hotel and i thought it was very bostonian. I was glad we had done all the touristy stuff when we were there with mom, and we didn't feel like we had to do paul revere anything. we walked a lot through boston commons and had fancy breakfast in Beacon Hill. we ate dinner at an awesome afghan restaurant in cambridge and went to the JFK library. it was fun!


thanksgiving by unglaubliche caitlin
thanksgiving, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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We were Mass. at allie's house for thanksgving, a very thanksgiving-y state. didn't allie do a nice job with the table? note the gold chargers and grandma's fiestaware gravy boat. clockwise from center: cranberries with orange and walnuts, 24 hour salad, roasted brussels sprouts with hazelnuts and pomegranates, gingered carrots with rosemary, stuffing, aunt deann's cheesy corn cassarole, and berks county potato filling. not pictured: salted carmel pie, chocolate merangue pie, and pumpkin pie of course!

New Haircut

New Haircut by unglaubliche caitlin
New Haircut, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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Tsetso said i needed a new haircut, so i had him give me one before i saw the family for thanksgiving. The front is mostly the same, but the back is really shaped and nice again. it was so shaggy.

Song to a seagull purse

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Look what allie gave me for christmas! Isn't it awesome? it's made from joni mitchell's song to a seagull album. the cover is on this side and the record itself is on the the other. it's SOOOO COOL.

Rico, fetch!

Rico, fetch! a video by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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I know that my facebook friends have seen lots of rico videos, but does my blog even know we have a dog now? here's Rico, doing a very short fetch with a very small tennis ball.

Harbor master multiplayer

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We spent a lot of thanksgiving playing iPhone games. allie's fiance john is by far the best. but what was I supposed to do with so many boats on my screen?