raw vegan gnocchi carbonara

are you even ready for this? i took pictures of the process, too, so this post is loaded with pictures of how to make this:

first, start grinding nuts into flour in the food processor. make almond flour and "sunflour."
then blend together garlic, pine nuts, and cumin. add the almond flour.
Mix together the liquid ingredients, soy sauce, water, and lemon juice. process with the dry ingredients.

now, mine were really sticky after all of that. i think my lemon was too big. you are supposed to roll it into balls and roll them in the sunflour. i added all of my sunflour, though, and they were still sticky daubs.

I later rolled them into cute balls after refrigerating them. meanwhile, i chopped up the pea sprouts and defrosted some peas since the grocery store doesn't have fresh english ones, yet.

next, i blended together the "rawmesan" sauce, cashews, pine nuts, and coconut milk.

oh, and of course the day before i'd made some eggplant bacon. i took that off the dehydrator trays and crumbled it.

put it all together and ta da!

this was a practice recipe for raw foods week. i took lots and lots of raw photos, i hope you're ready. this is the only step-by-step series i think i have, though. what do you think?

vegetarian BLT

vegetarian BLT by unglaubliche caitlin
vegetarian BLT, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
best. sandwich. ever. everything bagel (which was kinda dry for a bagel, but excellent for a sandwich) with lettuce and tomato of course, plus avocado for something extra special, and eggplant bacon! i love making eggplant bacon! just peel the eggplant into bacon-like strips with a vegetable peeler, marinate in soy sauce and sugar and cayenne, and then dehydrate until crispy. yum!

memorial day groupon?

Via Flickr:
what is UP with this? i wish i could have taken a screen shot of more of the list. there were about 20 deals and they all had BURGERS in the photo. ALL OF THEM. ugh. it was disgusting.

raw tacos!

raw tacos! by unglaubliche caitlin
raw tacos!, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
my first foray into raw "cooking". lisa and i went to a raw restaurant and it was really good, we think sometime this summer we may try and eat a raw week. it will be nice to not turn on the stove. these were yummy. the taco meat was excellent, and the sour cream was fine, but the lettuce as shells left much to be desired.


groupon- NOW!

groupon- NOW! by unglaubliche caitlin
groupon- NOW!, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
what a great day to have a half day! groupon's launching groupon now today and to celebrate all now groupons are only $1! i bought 5 of them! and one happened to be my favorite sandwich shop. look at all the yummy salads and veggie chili and lemonade i got for $1! yay!

miss priss

miss priss by unglaubliche caitlin
miss priss, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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look at ellie posing! and she's the cat no one ever sees!


garden by unglaubliche caitlin
garden, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
this is the best angle so you can see something green- i just planted the seeds, that's not much to look at- and not so much the filthy filthy pigeon shit that's fucking EVERYWHERE. so so gross i hate them.


patio by unglaubliche caitlin
patio, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
it is FINALLY warm enough to eat lunch outside! and they built us another picnic table and flowerboxes. isn't my job great?

land o lakes canopy

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it was the week of food signs for us. butter, eli's cheesecake, and another one i forget. the native american lady is so big on this sign- almost life size!

birthday dinner

birthday dinner by unglaubliche caitlin
birthday dinner, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I took lisa to this super fancy thai restaurant she wanted to go to for her birthday. this was the first of 12 courses! it was really quite good, but they did get bigger than this. too much food. but happy birthday, lisa!