search for sliver shoes, continued

after work today i added DSW shoe wearhouse, pink frog, the alley and nevermind to the list. FINALLY found some steve madden silver pumps with bows on the toes at Marshalls. huzzah! although they make my feet cramp up just thinking about them. maybe i can put insoles in them...
pink frog came SO CLOSE, with these adorable turqoise sequined clogs. in size 5.5. how i wish i could just shuffle around in those! my life would be so different with normal sized feet.


shopping spree

so, now that i've got this dress...
do you have any good guesses about where i could get close-toed size 5 silver or turquoise heeled shoes? i mean, besides akido or payless or sears or filenes basement or tjmaxx or bakers or charlotte russo or wet seal or nordstrom rack. cause i tried those already... and my feet hurt!


adminstrative professionals week

... is finally over. i've bought a FANCY dress for tammy's wedding next weekend. d cleaned my house for me, cause she's sweet like that, and now i'm tidying up online. reading my 84 emails. and instead of blogging, i'm watching youtube videos of
Damn you gabrielle.


things that make me go whee!

a good piping foot.

i've got to take a picture of my lime velvet cushions at curtains r us when i'm done with them.


body piercing saved my life

wish i had time to give a review of this book, or at least tell you how it rocked my world, but i don't. i'll just say it was facinating to read a book about something i used to be totally into, that's written by someone who has the same beliefs i have now. for not ever being a christian, he was so open to xtian music... and it's hard for it to break into my mind that the phenomenon of xtian music has continued after i left the fold- those bad bands are still out there! anyway, here's my choice quote:

"When I started this book, [my wife] was concerned that I was going to become a Christian. That didn't happen. But I have become a fan, not just of the music, but of Christians, and of Jesus himself. To me, the message of the Gospel is love one another, look out for the less fortunate, and try to walk gently on the earth. and I love that. I think evenagelical Christians tie themselves in ontological knots trying to make the whole Bible jibe, which is simply impossible with a collection of historical texts written over more than a thousand years. to anyone struggling with Christianity, my advice (and I realize how little this is worth, coming from someone who doesn't believe in God) is to try and keep your eye on the big picture, not a verse here and there. Love God, if you're so inclined, and love one another. Sort out the rest using those principles as a lens."


where'd the weekend go?

i had TWO days, count them TWO days off this weekend, and i still feel it was insufficent. i need to get used to this daily grind.

also, need to go to bed on time. d and jr and i went to the girlyman concert at old town school of folk music tonight. a VERY different venue than schubas- but much better for taking jr to. his first concert, meeting a celebrity and getting his new cd signed... i think he handled it all very well, considering his bedtime is an hour earlier than mine.


again, obsessed

i'm reminded again why i'm an obsessive about sleep. i really DO need my 9 hrs to function. it sucks, but i'm such a miserable person without enough sleep. and 8 hrs is not enough. i've been pushing the envelope on my before bed routine as of late, and ending up skipping yoga- and still being in bed way after i should. which makes me tired all day. which makes me lazy when i get home. which makes me procrastinate my tasks. till suddenly it's after 9 and i haven't started my routine yet. for insatance: tonight while i was waiting for my computer to fire up, i thought i'd try on my outfit for tomorrow- curtains r us is having an art exhibit in it's showroom tomorrow. as their sticher i really need to wear somoething homemade, but it's hard to find something in my closet that's not either frumpy or skanky. i finally decided on the (frumpy midlength) skirt i cut up into a corset and and micromini skirt. which is really just to small to do ANYTHING in, so i added a ruffle to the bottom, and now it's like, three inches longer. but i was going to stop sewing when my alarm went off at nine... which it didn't cause my phone's still on silent. see, this is the sort of thing that happens. and i turned on my computer in the FIRST Place, because i needed to blog, because it's been ages. but then i got distracted, and then it was past my bedtime, and well, here we are.

more to come. really. i do want to spend some time comparing and contrasting my two jobs and give you the dramatis personae of the new place.


i feel so LOVED!

i know, i haven't been blogging at ALL recently, even worse than my usual not-writing streak. it's just that i'm working so much and something has to give if i'm not going to let my house fall into disrepair and eat out every night. but THANK YOU faithful readers for all your snail love!! i got a lovely sweet letter from sarah, i feel like a pen-pal... and today a box arrived from germany! jamie has sent me tiger und tigerente backformen! so now i can bake tiger and tigerduck shaped cakes! yummy!

thank you, thank you, both of you! i promise to visit you each in the next year!


things i love

buying a BIG ol' squash and peeling and seeding and cubing it. and then only using half of it and freezing the rest.

now i have squash all prepared and just waiting to be used in my freezer! ah, such joy!


signs of spring

i saw two robins today! and three days ago i saw crocuses. i can't belive we may actually have a season other than winter! i am so tired of winter this year. i think i didn't escape it enough or something. it seems so much worse- i'm just OVER it. i'm so glad things are growing!

my sprouts are doing poorly. things that sprouted deliciously green are now shriveling up before getting their secondary leaves. it makes me sad. i want to have a lush garden. any tips? besides moving somewhere where the sun shines?

also- this six days a week thing is starting to get to me. my weekends aren't nearly long enough. i need some time off, asap.