Baggage handler

photo.JPG by unglaubliche caitlin
photo.JPG, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

Why is our flight departing half an hour late? Because everyone checked a million suitcases and all the babies have strollers. The entire conveyor belt is strollers.

Blue line Cumberland

waiting for the blue line on the way to the airport. Coming from work had me going places I've never been before.


time to play match the arrangement again!

this is one of my favorites:

and my slightly brighter version:

then there was the guy who's girlfriend didn't like flowers. he saw this on our website:
and i told him i only had a different variety of purple orchids, but i'd make something with a similar anti-"flower" feel.

i was getting bored with our standard flowers, so i asked the wholesaler to send me some interesting things, and i got eremerus as tall as i am:

and finally, here are the arrangements for the party on the 99th floor. i made 17 of them, and our contact said they looked just like the picture charles sent her!

oh, and there is one more flower photo, but not from the flowershop- there are all these beautiful wildflowers (weeds?) growing on my walk to work. they are so nice, and it's a glimpse of what the midwest is like without chicago and farmland and suburbs. without all that PA is forest and that's how i grew up and what i like. but if this is what prairie is like, well the that is quite nice too.


zucchini noodles with pesto

lisa's asian-y salad

strawberry pineapple smoothie and sprouted lentils with blueberries

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blueberries + sprouted lentils even better than apples!

flaxseed crackers with french guacamole

cashew curry salad

blueberry strawberry smoothie and sprouted lentils with apples

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sprouted lentils make a great breakfast. i love them, except they are a pain to wait for.

patriotic smoothie

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ready to be blended!

colorful lunch

colorful lunch by unglaubliche caitlin
colorful lunch, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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marinated vegetables and eggplant bacon wrapped asparagus.

dehydrating bacon-wrapped asparagus

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the raw food bacon recipe is one of the best things we discovered on raw foods week. it's right up there with the chocolate mousse and the cashew balls with lime and coconut,

brazil nut bowl with sprouts

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my pumpkin seeds didn't sprout so i had to buy alfalfa ones instead.

peach pie

peach pie by unglaubliche caitlin
peach pie, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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with mint! yum!

marinated veggies

pineapple orange smoothie, granola

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better than the other cereal. still, not that great.

soaking and sprouting

chocolate mousse with strawberries

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sooooooooo much better than the sum of its parts. a magical dessert.


lasagna by unglaubliche caitlin
lasagna, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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really good. tasted surprisingly like lasagna.

fennel pomegranate salad

pineapple-kiwi smoothie, sunflower almond cereal

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tasted like wet nuts.

flax seed crackers

kale chips

kale chips by unglaubliche caitlin
kale chips, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.


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this was by far the best recipe. highly recommended.

raw "california rolls"

soaking beans, seeds and nuts

smoothie making

smoothie making by unglaubliche caitlin
smoothie making, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

starting raw foods week!

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i know, this was like a month ago, and i'm soooo behind with posting pictures. i wanted to put them all in one big post, but it takes longer to do that, so i'm sorry. leave comments on pics you want recipes for or more description of. i'm just going to be labeling them in hopes i can catch up before i do any more travelling!

pop pop the fruit ninja

Sad day.

Sad day. by unglaubliche caitlin
Sad day., a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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i hate it when my phone does things like this.

bieber hair!

bieber hair! by unglaubliche caitlin
bieber hair!, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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another picture i took when trying to facetime with dad. i was putting groceries away and hoping i could facetime at the same time. my hair is so ridiculous that i had to photo it.

beach day!

beach day! by unglaubliche caitlin
beach day!, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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finally, the end of june and a day warm enough to go to the beach! i won't have a single weekend to go to the beach for the next 6 weeks, so we have to live it up now. i think this is one of my first multi-person shots with the iphone4's front facing camera. i have to say, it really takes the fun out of holding it up, pushing the button, and hoping for the best.

teleflora matchup!

ok, so one of the days i was working at the flowershop for CH everything i had to make was matching a picture. i think this is a fun game- you can see how well i did! what do you think- does this:
look like this:

or how about this:
looking like this:

this one:
i made both the standard and deluxe of:
and finally another all white:

my version even had the crazy leaves at the bottom:

so what do you think? do you trust me as your teleflora florist?

love you pop pop

love you pop pop by unglaubliche caitlin
love you pop pop, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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my dad sent me a photo of my pop pop in the hospital. i sent him this one back. i think that was my last contact with him that he was aware of. my dad did call me and hold the phone up to his ear right before he died. that was really nice.


strawberries! by unglaubliche caitlin
strawberries!, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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in my very own garden! i'm so proud! i killed last years plants, hopefully i can winter these this year.


best snack ever.

best snack ever. by unglaubliche caitlin
best snack ever., a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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the yo crunch yogurt is on sale at rogers park fruit market, so i buy the vanilla ones and eat the m&ms or reeses pieces separately. and of course smoothies keep my house full of delicious fruit.

lil' lions

lil' lions by unglaubliche caitlin
lil' lions, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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time for the cats' annual haircuts! don't they look so cute! i am so excited to not have to clean up cat hair anymore.


SUMMER! by unglaubliche caitlin
SUMMER!, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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i can't believe i'm so behind on my pictures! this was one of the first warm days. lisa and i love this lakeside cafe. blackberry lemonade for me- you can't see lisa's pomegranate mimosa.