the resolutions

so i had all these new years resolutions, and i continued to make them throughout january. and now that i'm working on some of them (i did a house blessing tonight) i really wanted a comprehensive list to chart my progress. and so i can add to it. maybe 27 goals for 2007? or is that too krista-esque?

1. spend less than 1 hr online daily
2. watch 4 movies a month
3. go to figure drawing once a month
4. do a patternless crossword every week
5. write a letter every week
6. take a photo every day
7. do a sketch every day
8. drink the flylady kool-aid (eg shine my sink everyday)
9. complete plus level square dance class
10. take violin lessons
11. paint more
12. read more
13. knit more
14. travel more
15. write more
16. go to bed on time, get enough sleep
17. celebrate seasonally (eg. ice skating in the winter, sending out valentines, decorating easter eggs, etc)
18. floss.
19. make my arms strong

add at will!

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