50 ways to love me

1. wash my dishes
2. call just because
3. leave a long loving message
4. write me a love letter
5. stop by unexpectedly
6. do a load of laundry for me
7. give me a gift
8. give me a manicure
9. give me a pedicure
10. give me a hug
11. read me a story
12. tell me what you love about me or
13. why you love me
14. tell me why you were thinking of me or
15. what reminds you of me
16. surprise me at work
17. take me somewhere exciting
18. play with my hair
19. make me lunch
20. bake me cookies
21. ask me what i'm worrying about
22. ask me my advice
23. make me feel individual, heard, understood, interesting, useful or irreplacable
24. make yourself available
25. invade my lonely times
26. tuck me in one night
27. give me a backrub, footrub, shoulderrub
28. kidnap me
29. plant gossip (good!) that returns to me
30. offer your specific resources
31. tell me what you need
32. let me cry
33. make me herbal tea
34. make me a mix cd (or tape!)
35. send me a postcard
36. apologize
37. offer good advice
38. need me
39. tell me how or why you need me
40. draw me a picture
41. sing me a song
42. create a place for me
43. know my secrets
44. persue me
45. show me the shape of my place in your life
46. design me a tattoo
47. chop the onions
48. clean my refrigerator
49. recomend good books and movies
50. comment on my blog!

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