so i have to go to work now, but tonight lisa! and i leave for PA! I haven't flown with someone else in, oh, 14 years. i'm so excited!

as for work, i can barely remember where i'm going. here's my schedule from the last week:
Fri- Mini muppets
sun- bag lady
mon- flower shop
tues- rock & roll heaven
wed- curtains r us!

crazy, isn't it? i'm not very happy at rock and roll heaven right now, so i'm glad to go back to curtains r us to remember what an unhappy work environment is really like.


working life

So work's been pretty good for me recently. Y'all know i was trying to leave curtains r us and i was short on flowershop days, so I was searching the craigslist. I figured the time had come to put that bookkeeping interest to work (because who doesn't want a carreer that includes three double letters in a row?) but obviously my resume isn't up to snuff for THAT sort of work. so I got all sorts of great advice (thanks liz! thanks sarah!) and started to work on it, but there were actual SEWING jobs posted, so i figured i might as well send the resume i already have out to them. And lo and behold, i got them both.

The second, which I adore, you already know about. it's for the costume designer who makes the mascots. I'll be sewing video game warrior costumes for a convention- and industry convention, not like comicon but, like, where the video game people pitch their games to the stores or whatever. I'm working on dark warrior and tram is doing the snow queen. i think the psudonym here will be mini muppets.

the other, which i've been at for a couple of weeks now, i'm still not convinced about. it's a DIY sort of company that makes guitar straps, camera straps, dog collars, etc. it sorta sucks because it's a bad combination of expecting perfect quality, lightning speed, and paying a pittance (which i have to save my own taxes from). But i really like the work, and my co-workers, so we'll see. It's enough to live on (they hit my minimum requirement) and so it will be worth it to me if i get straighter and faster.

so with such jobs, it's looking like germany for xmas is not an option. too many retail-based jobs. plus, i didn't manage to get out of debt yet. (instead, i bought my violin.) this makes me sad. maybe in january, before valentine's day. anyone have any good ideas on what i should do for xmas? alone in chicago doesn't sound fun, and i think it's too long to spend with my religous grandparents. i wish europe wasn't so far away and i could go for the weekend. i'm going to mom's for thanksgiving, so we'll see how that goes. i'll probably be over it and not ready to go back for xmas.

on the upside, i'm now a proud owner of a violin!



sure it would be easy to blame my lack of blogging on my girlfriend. but lets be honest, it comes down to two things: google reader and hulu. everyone's saying their media lives are empty now that the election is over, and so perhaps that will be my cure, but i fear it will not be the case.

so anyway, here's todays bossyness of things found on the internet to encourage you to leave from your desk chair stairing at your computer. first, tomorrow go to the anti prop 8 rally in your town. they're everywhere, really. just go.
if you need further advance planning, go see the movie i helped make when it comes to your home town. here's the schedule.

there's the bossiness. stay tuned for my next entry when i tell you about my new jobs.


the most amazing thing....

about grant park was after it was all over. i'd gotten a call on the train from my grandma (who was so disapointed that my "i'm facinated by palin" comment weeks ago didn't translate into a vote for mccain) and it made me feel all discombobulated and wierd in a way only my grandma can. I love my grandma, but i lie to her a lot, and there's something about her and people like her who take away my personhood. But then there was the magic of the historical night on the jumbotron in grant park's butler field (i could see the lights that were shining on obama!) what was most amazing to me was everyone going home. it was the usual crush of big downtown events like 4th of july, and closed streets, i'd done that before. but at 4pm parking in the loop was prohibited, so there was no one driving. there were taxis on the street, and the buses lined up all the way around multiple blocks. (lisa! and i walked 3 or 4 blocks and passed 7 or 8 146s before we found one with open doors and passengers that looked like it was leaving anytime soon. there were bikes chained to anything that wasn't moving, and people with yes we can stickers on their helments were threading their way through the sea of pedestrians.

this is where i want to live. chicago. the loop. surrounded by teeming hoards of obamaniacs that can be sorted into all sorts of different boxes. where you can walk in the streets, and everyone takes the bus home if they don't have a light for their bicycle. long live public transportation.


red and blue

so many things i've done, and need to encourage my readers to do, but i've been busy. all sorts of new jobs, mom in town, etc. will tell you more soon. but tonight i have to get dinner eaten so i can go to obama's party in the loop. sadly, we weren't able to get tickets to see him. but we'll be where the party is nonetheless.

got in line at 6:30 this morning and was voted by 7:30. i was ballot 66 in the ballot box. you all better be voted too. especially if you're voting in pennsylvania. i need more voters to balance out my grandparents!