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sarah, krista, liz (welcome home, liz!), this message is not for you. everyone else, here's a link to google reader for beginners. cause i want to read what you share, and to share with you.


Day 312 Smile like you mean it

crazy day. I'm feeling so emotional. Lisa was looking for a book to read this morning and i lent her the time traveler's wife then promply spent the next, oh, 10 hrs or so reading it. she's out to dinner with friends and i just finished it and am a weepy mess. it's such strong emotions, the joy of love, the sadness of death, and other partings. also finished hard laughter. i was so relieved by the happy ending the first time i read it, but it's sad cause i know it's ficition and i've read anne lamott's memoirs and i know it doesn't end that way in real life. and also angry, because why the fuck do i need to know what "palative" means. ch has a friend of a friend who has an awesome gift for me, putting aretha franklin's hat on on other people, and since my mom loved it so much i want to see her in it, but this means combing through my mom's flickr. which makes me deeply, deeply sad.


1 studio, 3 cats

it's the weekend! Lisa! is out picking up thai food for dinner. i'm at her apartment... with mitzi! we thought it was high time our cats met, so this weekend mitzi and i are camping out in uptown. ellie is withholding judgement, but lisa jr is in full hissing form. as for mitzi, she's so happy not to be traveling anymore, i think she'd like wherever she was. i'll let you know how it goes!


just so i can blog about the weather

so here's my excuse for this hiatus- i wanted to blog after therapy last week, but then i had some qualms, and then i didn't think i could blog again until i blogged that story. but now, i want to blog about the weather, so i want to get that out of the way.

so here's the thing, the bit i'm scared to throw out there for the whole internet to chew on... Lisa! and i are talking about moving in together in september when her lease is up. september's a long way away, so much can happen in 9 months... but still, big deal for me, right? especially when i spent so much time talking to my therapist about how i could never move in with anyone... and so i'm telling her this, and stressing out about not knowing if my mom will be driving the uhaul this time around, if she'll be like a sultan directing the movers with her turban on her chaise lounge... and my therapist is all, we know you deal with stress by planning. but you can't plan this. you don't know how your mom is going to be in 9 months. but you do know, right now, that she knows how happy you are. and that's what really broke me down. cause it's true. life with lisa! really does make me so happy.

what doesn't make me happy is this perpetual cold. high today? 13 degrees. high tomorrow? 0. and that's the high. it'll be -5 for morning rush hour and won't hit 0 until 3 pm. brrr. i need to finish my new scarf so it can keep my face warm!


in other news...

i need to be prepared to be practially unemployed 6 weeks from now! i'm so sad crunch time for costumes are the same time as valentine's day. i need to get that resume spruced up. rock and roll heaven asked if i'd be available more, but i'm not sure i want to work there full time. we will just have to see what else is out there.


mood swings

last night i felt so good- a million miles away from Family Cancer (which y'all can keep up with on kicking the cancer gator) with it being the weekend, the new year, and i was listening music i moved with my new flash drive, cooking shepherds pie in my cute little single serving pyrex dishes lisa! gave me for xmas, and she came over and kissed me on the back of my neck, and life was perfect.

then she fell asleep during the movie and i couldn't wake her up, so i went to bed on the fold out. then i went to the dentist and learned i need scaling, which will cost me $620. which shows how i've blown 2 of last year's resolutions, geting out of debt and flossing. i'm also lame at keeping in touch with people. i've gone two pa visits without seeing krista and sarah, and i didn't call christie to set up our post-dental hyde park visit, and when i called she wasn't home. and i haven't talked to a since christmas. and there are still people like anne and ruth and gabrielle, who i haven't even told about mom yet. and i haven't mailed a single xmas gift. in summary, i suck. and have bad teeth.