to do list

to do list
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there is still oh so much left to do. i can't beleive we're leaving the day after tomorrow. EARLY the day after tomorrow.


merry solstice!

thanks, dear readers! as a holiday gift to you, here is the winter's ache track list in its entirety. leave a comment if you want a cd of it!

Daysleeper 3:39 R.E.M.
Ta Douleur 3:09 Camille Le Fil
Stolen Car 5:25 Beth Orton
That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart 4:19 Aimee Mann
Cold as It Gets 2:38 Patty Griffin
Weatherman 5:01 Kris Delmhorst
I Write Sins Acoustic 3:08 Panic! At The Disco
Breakable 3:11 Ingrid Michaelson
On Your Wings 3:53 Iron & Wine
Whispering Pines 4:00 Dar Williams
Into the Dark 4:59 Melissa Etheridge
Thank U 4:18 Alanis Morissette
So Good to See You 3:43 Shawn Colvin
Stardust and Snow 3:28 Once Blue
Hot Burrito #1 3:42 Belly
Come in from the Cold 7:31 Joni Mitchell
Life Less Ordinary 3:35 Carbon Leaf
little perennials 2:50 Indigo Girls
2000 Miles 3:37 The Pretenders


weekend roundup

our party- very successful.
tom's party- equally fun.
xmas dance- a good time.

now i'm going to eat dinner, knit and watch a movie. catch up with you soon.


winter's ache, again

have i mentioned i've worked at the flowershop every day this week? it was a CRAZY week, last year, but this year has been terrbly slow in comparison. it's up from other months, but still nothing like last year, sadly. but it's been fun to hang with ch every day, and to not have to worry about getting sewing done. my free time is spent worying about my own stuff- getting my house clean, myself fed regularly, and getting ready for that party tomorrow... not to mention knitting gifts! i'm rather behind- this stocking for my stepniece turned out HUGE, and took much too long. but on to the next project! getting up every morning kills me though. i can't wait for sunday morning when i can just read in my own bed until the dance at 2. how do people do it? 9-5, m-f. but the music's good. ch made a new mix for the party, and it includes CHRISTMAS songs. and there's last year's mix.

ch made a mix last year he called winter's ache. it was a good mix. especially that transition between life less ordinary and little perennials. i loved that one. then a few tragic things happened. the ex-friends who would rather take beer than me to michigan complimented it, so i gave them my copy. then this spring we migrated from musicmatch to itunes, which while wonderful did cause most of our playlists to disappear. BUT! ch had made a copy for johnny b. and he loved it. and keeps it by his desk. and he had time today to sing snippets of each song to ch (because ch rarely makes track listings) and ch figured out which each was and reconstructed winters ache. hurrah!


it's been days

since i've been online. since i've been home, it feels like. i didn't even turn on my computer last night since i had to do my house blessing, and what do you know, luke called to say they were doing my trim today. came home to a house full of paintchips and sawdust. but the windows are finally done! next up- holiday party. it's friday- stay tuned!



haven't even been turning on my computer, let alone checking my email. so you know blogging's not getting much of a chance to happen. it's all been girlfriend time- thursday was over there to do the shoe thing on st nicolaus day with the kid, then she came over friday night and we did serious bag work. saturday was all day bags too, and the window guys came- my landlord took one look at this years heating bill, apparently, and decided to change the windows in all the apartments. so we spent saturday pulling furnature away from the walls and lockign the cat in the bathroom as well as cutting measuring and gluing bags.

then today we dressed up in our holiday garb- me in my red tiered lobster skirt, d in her new green bedazzled tube top- and dropped the bags off at the bag lady's and headed off on our road trip- every christmas i like to see over the rhine, but we missed their concert this year because we were in iowa. so d got us tickets to hear them in goshen, indiana tonight. we drove all the way out there, and there was some stressful moments- we couldn't find EITHER of the restaurants we'd found online to eat at, and we ended up at a bob evans, and then we forgot about the time change, so we were an hour later than we expected we'd be... but it was all better getting in the beautiful goshen theater and enjoying the coziest of christmas concerts. there were lights on the drum set and they played snow angels songs and i bought the new cd and magic was had.

now we're home, and a whole hour earlier than planned, thanks to the time change, so i decided to steal a minute or two to blog, since tomorrow i'll be going back over there to help decorate the tree. party on friday- who's in?


day 242- perfect jeans

ok, lane bryant has done this amazing thing, and made jeans that fit people of different SHAPES instead of just different sizes. the cubes on the display asked questions (does the waistband of your jeans gap in the back?) and all of the blue dot ones applied to d. so we put her in blue dot size 6s and, wow. they were made for her. the best fitting pants she's owned in her entire life! what a concept! pants that fit! she likes them so much she let me post a picture of her butt on the internets so i could rave about them. and i'm not even WEARING them and i'm this excited!

white castle

we had a delivery today of a poinsetta going to a manager at white castle. (i don't know why i always want to spell poinsetta with three ts instead of two. but it makes typing it difficult). i've been a vegetarian as long as i've been in chicago, so i've never been to a white castle and have no desire to ever be. but did i have any opertunities for white castle experiences in my childhood? i don't think pennsylvania has white castles. does anyone know? and it's also odd that my mother, who's lived in pennsylvania her entire life, loves the movie harold and kumar go to white castle.

but i'm not gonna take her to one next time she visits!


and another thing...

there was also an article on raymond carter, and it included this poem:

late fragment

and did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
i did.
and what did you want?
to call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.

how do i know this? it is so familiar to me, yet i can't place the quote. i'd say it was on the library walls, but it doesn't have anything to say about books. i'm baffled. what do you think?

extended memory

i read an awesome article about terese agnew in the utne reader, and i want to type about her somewhere so i don't forget.

this is her most famous work. she's an art quilter, with a political bent. yes, that's a quilt. made out of millions of little tags that were sewn in sweatshops. amazing, huh?


having a sad night. i think i need to go to bed- i haven't been getting nearly enough sleep. i'm just feeling a little dark and dismal. ok, i'm actually feeling discontent with my life in general. and listening to inappropriate music that just makes me feel worse.

"and all this time, i felt just fine, i held so many people in my suitcase heart. i had to let the whole thing go i was taken by the wind and snow and i still didn't know that i was waiting..."

i guess i don't even know what my girl on a slow pony home is. but i guess if i did know that i'd know what i was waiting for.

"watcha doing with the suitcase? trying to hit the ground with both feet running. aren't you tripping on your shoelace? stealing away on a sunny day... aren't you ashamed at all?"

at least i have a metaphor i'm enjoying.

"my heart is on the baggage rack, it's heavy as can be. i wish that i could find someone to carry it for me. to pay it some attention and to handle it with care, for it has been dropped and is in need of some repair."

i'll do my best to blog again in the morning, when things look better. the trouble is, when things look better i tend to get stuff done, it's when things don't look good that i wallow.


in the bleak midwinter

oh, this weekend! it's been so lovely. d and i went to christkindlmarkt after work on friday, and ate potato pancakes and drank glüwein, and bought zimtsterne, and were careful not to break any glass ornaments, and had a lovely seasonal time.

saturday we woke up to snow! d had to go to her square dance class, but i watched it fall, and blow, and OH! how cozy it was! in the little window above my sewing machine. i sewed bags and listened to cindi lauper (holiday) station on pandora and then bundled up and tromped around in it to meet d to buy yarn for her xmas gifts. when we came home, she made the perfect supper. i had found mache,my favorite lettuce, at wholefoods, so she made mache beet salad with goat cheese, and a root vegetable soup, with lentils (which i know are a legume, not a root vegetable, but are hearty just the same) and parsnips and celeriac and carrots and shallots. and there was wine and candles, and over the rhine's snow angels album, and i didn't know it could get more cozy, but that there was coziness maxed out. i feel like my winter asignment of being seasonal and celebrating holidays happened.

today was more bags, and i sent out party invitations. come party with us december 14th! leave a comment if you want an ivitation.