omg flickr has a new page setup, and while i am not a big fan of change i am a big fan of how easy it is to post to my blog now. hopefully this will make me post more frequently!

first crocuses!

first crocuses! by unglaubliche caitlin
first crocuses!, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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starry night

starry night by unglaubliche caitlin
starry night, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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this was just an open disk but they had us make a new one with the sky graphic that can zip in our out of the middle. it was totally cool. charlie in shipping took this photo of me at about 7pm, after 12 hrs of work. ah, overtime. you can see how carefully i am making sure my shoes don't touch the frame.

technology hummingbird

lighted ringsign

lighted ringsign by unglaubliche caitlin
lighted ringsign, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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i really loved this print. too bad the sign was such a nightmare.

pleading before the samurai

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please don't hurt me! i'm wearing my gloves to make sure i don't get any dirt on the print!

kicking the cancergator

moving in to the clark street bus

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after circus class i got on the bus at the end of the line and this woman was taking up not two, not five, but a full NINE seats with her junk. it was totally amazing. i was watching tv and waiting for the bus to leave so i was trying to ignore her, but a police officer did come on the bus, talk to the driver, and to her, and let her continue to travel southbound.


tulips! by unglaubliche caitlin
tulips!, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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i finished the living room curtains i gave lisa for christmas,(note to self- photograph those sometime) so she gave me the iphone 4 for my birthday. i am excited about the new camera that takes better photos in the poor light conditions of the flowershop. i love all the tulips that come in and make spring seem closer than it really is.

balloon weight earrings!

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ch finally had enough cashflow at the flowershop to place an order with my favorite balloon company! and we were out of balloon weights so he tried this new style which supposedly hold one balloon and also can go around a child's wrist. sadly they are NOT heavy enough to hold down a balloon. but hey, you never know until you try. also: BANGS!

dogwood blossoms!

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when i realized how much my outfit matched the sweater i'm knitting from the kit kristy gave me for christmas, i decided it was time to take my first progress photo even though i'm not quite done with the first sleeve yet. it's all about steeks- you knit both sleeves to the armpit and then join them together so you can knit the sleevecaps in the round with steeks between them. it's really ingenious. i prefer knitting top down sweaters (so you can stop when you get bored or run out of yarn) but with a pattern like this it's not like i can really make any shaping changes. unfortunately i'm unhappy with a lot of the color choices. the poinsettia pattern (second stripe from wrist) is an example of how mushy they get. i switched the order for the stripe right below the needles and i'm so much happier with it. so now i have to decide how much i'm going to make the right and left sleeve look alike (i'm thinking i better do them exactly the same) and how much i'm going to alter the patterns on the body (i think same patterns, same color, just different order.) /knitterspeak.

armando, taking the road less traveled.

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this would be much more realistic if it wasn't for the carpet and the spreaders curving the wrong direction. i think the designer of this frame didn't realize the print is on the INSIDE of the curve.

cat! in Box!

cat! in Box! by unglaubliche caitlin
cat! in Box!, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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she is so cute! I left this box out for WEEKS because lisa jr fits so nicely in it. and mitzi is too fat.

dress for weddings!

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I have three weddings i'm going to this july. which is nothing compared to the SEVEN my sister is attending this summer. i bought her a ModCloth gift certificate for her birthday and was distracted by their sales and ended up buying this gift for me! it is bright orange and hot pink and just the tiniest bit too small. i'm trying to decide if the skirt is weird and poochy because it was folded up in the shipping box or because it's too small and if i should replace the zipper and try to make it bigger or if i should turn the gathers into pleats or make it A-line or if all i need to do is press it.


spring by unglaubliche caitlin
spring, a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

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I can't even remember when i took this, it's so long ago. it's important to me to have at least a little bit of a caption before i post pictures, so that's why it takes me so long. i want to do big batches every week, because no one will follow my blog if i only post 6 times a year. but this is mostly how i've been feeling lately. grey. hats and scarves. nothing blooming. this is my commute down clark street. the 6 blocks or so north of our house is my commute every day, whether i'm going to the flowershop or the sign factory. it's much much more interesting than the walk west to the redline.