watch out, armando!

the baby leopard will get you! i have a lot of co-workers and we disagree about a lot, but one thing we can all agree on is there is nothing cuter than a baby leopard. especially one that is 15 feet tall.

kitchen? tiled!

something green!

you guys, i'm sorry i've been such a slacker posting. i've been depressed. i don't feel like i have anything to take pictures of. it's just been kinda grey around here. i am trying to get stuff crossed off the list. so even if i don't feel like doing anything at least i have something acomplished. you can see the tin-tile-hanging supplies in the corner, and here are things that have needed to be repotted. anyone want some of my mom's jade? its going like GANGBUSTERS and will take over the second bedroom soon.


quesodillas by unglaubliche caitlin
quesodillas a photo by unglaubliche caitlin on Flickr.

lisa has recently discovered them and it's awesome for me because they are delicious. and it's basically like nachos but tortillas are SO much cheaper than tortilla chips. i wish it was easy to make tortilla chips out of tortillas. yes those are also homemade guacamole and plantains. and black bean soup. why do you ask? no, you can't have any. ps justine look i finished your gift there in the corner!