99 life goals

ok, i'm finally up for the typing! rather than putting them chronologically, as they were of course written (over the course of oh, 5 years) i'm gonna sort them by catagory. here we go:

1. learn to play the violin
2. learn to sing harmony
3. fingerpick on the guitar
4. play well tempered clavier (downsized to anna magdala's notebook)
5. learn to play the hammered dulcimer
6. learn to play the harp

travel and location:
7. live in NYC
8. visit meike in germany (completed)
9. visit india
10. take a train across the usa
11. live in london
12. buy a monthly transportation pass (completed)
13. be european
14. work in a blumenladen in germany
15. give tours of chicago in german
16. swim in every ocean
17. visit morrocco
18. live in many studios at once around the world

communication and interpersonal relationships:
19. speak german fluently
20. forgive
21. speak spanish fluently
22. explain myself
23. not be bored
24. be eloquent
25. understand metric
26. tell good stories
27. small talk
28. be hospitable
29. say goodbye well
30. not be disgusted ever
31. be a good conversationalist
32. be a excellent listener
33. be unshockable
34. speak with accents and dialects
35. conspire
36. build community
37. be notoriously truthful
38. notice things

dexterous talents:
39. learn to tat
40. spin on a spinning wheel (completed)
41. knit a sweater (completed)
42. fix toilets
43. learn all about vacuum cleaners
44. know how a car works and how to fix it
45. learn to jugle (revised to learn to walk on stilts, completed!)
46. learn to mix drinks, all of them, well

physical fitness:
47. join or instruct a winter color guard
48. learn karate
49. learn to ski
50. learn to skateboard
51. be very strong
52. learn to ice skate (completed)
53. be very flexible
54. rollerskate backwards
55. learn to ballroom dance
56. learn to unicycle
57. learn to fence
58. dance unabashedly
59. cry when i feel like it

wilderness and nature:
60. take long bike trips
61. see the midnight sun
62. see the northern lights
63. learn to survive in the wild
64. see a falling star (completed)
65. plan plant and nurture a garden
66. recycle and compost

artistic and personal style:
67. go to art school (working on it)
68. become plain
69. become an artist (completed)
70. get body piercings (completed)
71. sew an art quilt
72. shave my head (completed)
73. paint a big mural
74. be an awesome old woman
75. grow dreadlocks (completed)
76. paint the sky
77. be really kissed
78.live simply
79. costume a feature film
80. appreciate beauty
81. not be a chameleon
82. fall passionately in love with someone who loves me back
83. surround myself with color

84. read every madeline l'engle
85. read every shakespeare
86. read every newberry winner
87. write and illustrate a full length story
88. be familiar with library of congress catologing
89. read lord of the rings trilogy (completed)

giving, money and karma:
90. donate hair to cancer people
91. support myself (completed)
92. get a real job (completed)
93. live within my means
94. be content
95. be extremely generous
96. own a house or other dwelling

97. homeschool my kids
98. become a light packer (completed)
99. use calculus in real life

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