top 15 best text messages saved on my phone

it's been a long time since i've added a numbered list to the sidebar. this one is inspired by laura (who's now apparently a reader: hi laura!) who's been stalking, i mean, text messaging me constantly. i adore it- i feel so connected. it's not like wasting hours talking on the phone, or feeling like i only spent 5 min. of my day talking to someone. esp. as a's not in a phone phase right now, it's good to be communicating with someone. anyway, she's filling up my phone memory, so i have to keep deleting. but the following will never be deleted:

#15. mom: it's ok. i hope gramma can't see me texting...i must feel a little guilty and an transferring to gramma.

#14a. ch: you are demoted to vp of floral diversions. ps. i tried on leather pants last night!
b. there was a lot of squeeking and rearranging of my internal organs- it was sexy!

#13a. leah:on the plane. a+ on navigation. hope your day is smooth & thank u again 4 a fantastic twenty hours (send same 2 charles please)
b. landed in the motor city safe and sound
c. i lost my voice!
d. lancing is fun but chicago was better. i had sutch a great time. and i am almost recovered. can u send me your blog name?

#12. laura: see i imagine your life is VERY interesting... i mean you have a pink cowgirl hat...

#11. a: this was a garden variety depression born of boredom and lonliness and a pervasive sense of the immense trivialty of life.

#10 a: smooth drive home. call about stopping for boots. have fun in the sun. hydrate well. hello and thanks to all. ps. clock ticks slightly.

#9. ch: SGM seeks non-scene, non-camp, non-crying cat for possible LTR...

#8. laura: this is true...Leah was in bad shape... what do you do to girls in chicago?

#7. ch: fern bar light/ free peanut reservoir / another salty talk by phone/ everything disassembled / bone by freaking bone.

#6. a: sober? drunk? in? out?

#5. ch: is that his natural hair color when he's sober?

#4. ch: "i'm sorry you sprayed for nothing"

#3. laura: oh do not worry... the fruit bra is safe!

#2. ch: hope you have a dental dam!

and the number 1 text message saved on my phone...

#1. a: should i tell him i fucked someone else last night when i break up with him later today?

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