time to play match the arrangement again!

this is one of my favorites:

and my slightly brighter version:

then there was the guy who's girlfriend didn't like flowers. he saw this on our website:
and i told him i only had a different variety of purple orchids, but i'd make something with a similar anti-"flower" feel.

i was getting bored with our standard flowers, so i asked the wholesaler to send me some interesting things, and i got eremerus as tall as i am:

and finally, here are the arrangements for the party on the 99th floor. i made 17 of them, and our contact said they looked just like the picture charles sent her!

oh, and there is one more flower photo, but not from the flowershop- there are all these beautiful wildflowers (weeds?) growing on my walk to work. they are so nice, and it's a glimpse of what the midwest is like without chicago and farmland and suburbs. without all that PA is forest and that's how i grew up and what i like. but if this is what prairie is like, well the that is quite nice too.

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