raw vegan gnocchi carbonara

are you even ready for this? i took pictures of the process, too, so this post is loaded with pictures of how to make this:

first, start grinding nuts into flour in the food processor. make almond flour and "sunflour."
then blend together garlic, pine nuts, and cumin. add the almond flour.
Mix together the liquid ingredients, soy sauce, water, and lemon juice. process with the dry ingredients.

now, mine were really sticky after all of that. i think my lemon was too big. you are supposed to roll it into balls and roll them in the sunflour. i added all of my sunflour, though, and they were still sticky daubs.

I later rolled them into cute balls after refrigerating them. meanwhile, i chopped up the pea sprouts and defrosted some peas since the grocery store doesn't have fresh english ones, yet.

next, i blended together the "rawmesan" sauce, cashews, pine nuts, and coconut milk.

oh, and of course the day before i'd made some eggplant bacon. i took that off the dehydrator trays and crumbled it.

put it all together and ta da!

this was a practice recipe for raw foods week. i took lots and lots of raw photos, i hope you're ready. this is the only step-by-step series i think i have, though. what do you think?

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Amy said...

these photos are so gorgeous! and what fun food!