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I took a month off for the summer but i'm going to try and get back in the hang of 365. i am closer now than i was last time, so even though it will take me much longer than a year, i want to hit that magic number.
It's september now and my birthday is coming up! Nicole of my knitting group and i are loving the hunger games trilogy. I was angry and sarah in philly for recomending such an engaging series when the third one hadn't even been written yet! and nicole said she had it on special order for the day it comes out. I asked to borrow it after she gets it... but she's getting it for her kindle! Not a help. I had it on hold for the library, number 264. if everyone has it for 3 weeks, well, that means it'll be months before i read it. BUT! my co-worker Tram gave it to me for an early birthday gift! isn't that wonderful! thank you so much tram! I am so glad I got to read it! i'm going to have to buy the first two now so i'll have a set!

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