i KNOW i haven't updated

...but i guess it's because i keep hoping someone will have something- anything- to say about my book and/or movie list. also, not much happening here, but the world continuing to turn. i sew bags. pay bills. clean the house. go to work. the last three weekends i've spent with d, and while that's wonderful, i love spending time with the girlfriend, especially to celebrate things like birthdays or anniversaries, it does make me feel like i'm a little short on balance in my life.

but really it's bags. i am, as you may have surmised, feeling REALLY poor recently, so i've been sewing bags as fast as brigid can throw them at me. i've been averaging about 6 a week. at 2-3 hrs per bag, it adds up fast.

i've been following the flylady's basic weekly plan for about 3 weeks now and it's worked pretty well for the most part. well, it's worked well for getting me on a scedule for cleaning and shoping and running errands and stuff. unfortunately, it makes me feel like i can't leave the house midweek. but, on the other hand, i do have my weekends completely free from worry about when i'm going to go to the library or pay rent or clean the catbox. this weekend d and i did bags, played risk, did yoga, cooked mushroom sqash soup (and a bunch of beans to freeze), went to d's square dance class, sorted my closet (removing a bag of stuff to give away, putting away the sundresses and getting out the sweaters and velvet), and read novels in bed. we also went to the hardware store and i bought curtain rods for my kitchen. the lights in the back gangway used to be mostion sensor, but now they're on all the time and it makes my house qute bright all night long. and i am a in-the-dark sleeper. so now i need to buy curtain fabric too. because, you know, since i'm so poor and all i can't stop shopping.

so we'll see how this week goes with midweek activities thrown into the flylady mix. after square dancing on saturday it made me wanna contra, so d and i decided to go out and DO IT tomorrow night. houseblessing night. then d is going to iowa next weekend, so i'll be going to her place wednesday night. anti-procrastination night. i think i can make it all happen.

in fact, i'm going to crawl back into my closet NOW, so i can finish sewing these bags tonight, i can glue them after dancing tomorrow, and then i can do my houseblessing tonight and i don't have to worry about it tomorrow.

see? i am a girl with a PLAN!

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