i know i don't deserve a blog.

i know. i keep thinking these stories, but i don't get a chance to write them down. ever. like the worlds most PAINFUL customer. who wanted to know about our cards. so i showed him our enclosure cards (which are free) and our greeting cards (prices as marked). and then he said he actually just needed an envelope to put a picture in, and i said yeah i can do that. and then he was SUPER painful about picking out flowers. he had strong opinons, but he wouldn't VOICE those opinions, he just wanted me to keep pulling together things, with no imput from him, until i magically i came up with the right one. so he finally decides. and i wrap it up. and he thinks he might want to add something else. and i unwrap it. and he decides it's fine how it is. and i rewrap it. and he asks for the envelope. so i give him one of our stationary envelopes. your basic #10 with our return address on it. he doesn't like this envelope. he wants a greeting card envelope. and i say that's fine, but he has to pay for one of those, because they come with greeting cards. and i'm not going to short someone else an envelope because a painful customer wants one. a friendly kind frequent cheerful customer, maybe. but certainly not him. he is very unhappy about this. his energy is poluting the wellness benefits the flowers are giving off. ch steps in. it gets worse. ch says, what do you want? a refund? a credit? and he says yes! he feels like he was misled, when i told him i would give him an envlope my gaze must have darted to the greeting card envelopes or something. ch is like, sure, you don't have to buy the flowers, but i'm not giving you money back just because you want a service we don't offer. ugh. it was awful. when he finally left, we were like, what a way to end the day. and i was discribing how it started out so badly, and ch cut me off- dude came BACK to get an enclosure card. LAME.

and THEN, i started having flashbacks yesterday morning, cause d is trying to sell off excersize equipment of her ex's. and new dude calls, and he wants to come by just to see it. to see how to take it apart to put it in his trunk. and d says come on by, but you need special wrenches or whatever. he comes. he hems. he haws. he thinks by talking more, it will shrink, his trunk will grow, or d will magically produce tools to take it apart. d says you can drive with it hanging out the back of your trunk. i provide measuring tape in hopes something concrete will convince everyone no magic will be happening here. it does not. he finally says d should sell it if she can and he'll try and find a friend with a pick up truck, and i say, d, it fits in your trunk, right, can we just take it to his house? so that's what we did. the fabric store that was supposed to take up all of our morning was closed anyway, so i didnt' even feel bad that the eliptical fiasco took its place. because now it's out of d's house and we don't EVER NEED TO TALK TO HIM AGAIN.

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