the price must be paid

and this time, the cost is $25 and a day of feeling unreliable, stupid, and like i was letting everyone down.

didn't set my alarm last night. woke up when the cat climbed on me, 7 minutes after i was supposed to be at work. on boss's day.


but the day went fine, and once i got home i:
-talked to z
-made collard risotto
-did the patternless crossword
-met with slipcover guy re: my new project, due thursday
-threw away the science projects in my fridge
-organized my tupperware
-cleaned out my 2 food shelves, including reorgaizing, throwing away everything older than mitzi, wiping them out and changing the shelf paper.
-checked and cared for my email
-entered in the coke caps on my desk (everyone, feel free to share your mycokerewards with me!)

of course, i wanted to start on the sewing, too, but you can;t have it all.

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