basically personal correspondence between liz and i

i never got a chance to thank you for that fabulous comment, but yes indeedy, i remember that girlyman concert. so much happens in a year. it's so funny to me how long it took for us to meet in real life- you are like so many of my imaginary online friends- with the benefit of actually living in the city! well, until OK. but you're comming back. i know you are.

24-hr salad is a family delicacy that i doubt is widely known outside of western pennsylvania. the origns are the name are unknown, as it takes at most 18hrs to make. a cooked dressing (basically a syrup with pineapple juice) is poured over pineapple chunks, halved grapes, walnuts and marshmallows. these are allowed to marinate overnight, and then before going to the potluck you whip up some cream and fold it in. this is obviously a HUGE nutritional step above jello salads.

i was gonna say something about ann coulter and i both being cute with bad hair, but then i saw the newt gingrich ads. so no, i have no idea why my comments are advertizing ann and newt. i feel like i know ann better than she knows me, but she's voiced her hatred of me before, so i feel fine about hating her.

i personally am a comment addict, so i am pleased to comment on others blogs. that, i feel, is good internet karma! i bank on people feeling the same way i do.

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