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last night instead of the faucet picture i wanted to take one of lisa! and i cuddling because i was soooo excited to see her after our one unexpected night apart when she was back in chicago and i was stranded in worchester MA with my own stupidity and my sister swearing at me and my exhausted mother...
but that's another story. this story is about how lisa! 1. laid down (which is always unflattering) and 2. said "why do you always take pictures in such bad lighting? good photography is 90% lighting" which i KNOW, is totally true, but i had been up for uncountable hours and it was too late to create lighting all that great around here anyway. so i brushed my teeth and took that photo and promised myself to take a whole bunch in daylight. so here i am at work. and it's COLD. fall has hit and i forgot how unheated rock & roll heaven's sweatshop is.

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