Ursprünglich hochgeladen von unglaubliche caitlin
another warm saturday! it makes me want to spring clean. i walked all the way up clark street to vote for our ward's budget, but was turned away at the door. aparently i live on the wrong side of the street from the 49th ward. oh well. at least the guys with the ice cream carts are out! i am so excited to live on clark in the summer. it seems like such a neighborhoody place. it's too bad we don't have stoops. it seems like a total stoop kind of place. and there are not one but TWO paletarias! both la polar and la monarca. my paleta is coconut flavored and it the guy's cart was a monarca one. i am also addicited to having a corner store again. i remember being sent to joes as a kid to get missing ingredients for things. now lisa! has to send me. someday we'll send our kids to get milk or ice cream (sometimes a necessary staple) at S&S foods- although they'll have to be much older to cross clark without a light by themselves. i'll probably make them walk down to the next block where there is one. or just watch out the living room window. and yes, i do eat more than just popcicles. it's the shirt making me look gaunt, i'm not nearly that skinny. and yes, washing the filthy table is on my list of things to do tomorrow, thanks for reminding me.


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