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"together, on our knees, we can win!" says grandma's allied defense fund magnet. "stop the drive for national same-sex 'marriage'." it made me feel not just unwelcome, but really made me miss my mom. she'd help me deface it. i didn't even steal it. it's not that my grandma would even notice, i think she's too blind to even know it's on her fridge, particularly. mom put up with her conservative parents with such grace. apparently my grandma really yelled at my grandpa before we all came. she told him in no uncertain terms he was NOT to bring up any contriversial subjects and was not to argue with the grandchildren. but one day after lunch when we were all sitting around the table, he tried and we all were like, ok, grandpa, bring it on. and what topic did he choose but immigration. i'm like, of all the things. i don't think he even knows any mexicans. meanwhile, i live in chicago, bryce lives in eugene (although wait- i don't think he was there yet) allie in worcester MA, and justine in tallahassee. anyway, the "discussion" or "argument"- depending on how you view such things -wasn't interesting enough to relate here. but thinking about it later, i think i understand why my grandpa did that. i think he missed my mom. he knew how she felt, so strongly, on immigration, and he could count on us to be her voice now that she's gone.

even if it's not true, i really like that version of the strory, and so i'm going to believe in it.

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