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before allie left, grandma really wanted to show her all the work being done down at the farm. we saw the huge cement circle laid for the new set of bins. we weighed ourselves walking across the truck scale (it was 10 lbs off for me, but that's pretty good considering it usually ways trucks in the tons.) it's so crazy for me all the dryers and bins and stuff my family has- in iowa each small town has like a co-op where all the farmers pool together their money and buy bins and a dryer for the community and they take turns. in PA, you bring your grain to my family, and they'll weigh it and dry it and store it for you. these farmers don't make money milking cows, they do it charging rent.

after seeing this bumper sticker on the office door, i want to go to farmersOnly.com, to see if they're right. i bet i won't get it.

i can't remember if i've posted this on farm pictures before, but when flickr maps it some of them say it's in jefferson township, but this one says "a place with no name" when i say, yes, indeed, it is there, it's labeled "here be dragons."

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