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wore tie-dye to chuch to yet again invoke my mom. Lisa! hates tie dye, this dress in particular, more than i hate meat, and so wearing it when she's not around is one of the few pleasures i have when i'm missing her. the sermon was all about the freedom we have to worship as we see fit, and allie kept leaning over and saything to me,"i'm not free to stay home! i was forced here by grandma! where's our independence!" when i saw the scripture was from leviticus and galations, i was ready to leave if it got political, but it was unneccessary. it was the passage about the year of jubillee. i was curious how he would make such a liberal passage fit into their conservative mindset, but he glossed right over it, saying "it was probably never followed."
justine and allie and i had a manicure- peticure party that afternoon, as you can see by my blue french manicure- thanks justine! grandpa took us out to the corral where for 5 bucks he bought us all "baby" ice cream cones. the joke is that the baby ones are more than big enough for anyone.

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