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I'm missing all my adventy activities this weekend. i'm gonna miss tom and bob's holiday party, singing the messiah at the opera house, knit night's ufo party and the film festival party i was gonna throw. but i could still schedule christkindlmarkt with charles! we haven't gone every year, but we've gone most of them, and we have the mugs to prove it. it was actually one of the first things i did in chicago that i still do- so this is my 11th year. i've lived here a long time. lisa! came a long too, which makes me happy because lisa and charles are 2 of my favorite people in chicago. then i remembered the knitters, and liz, and pam & mike, and my co-workers at rock n roll heaven, and realized i'm not prepared to play favorites because i am surrounded by <3 here in chicago.

too bad i'm leaving chicago for an indefinate amount of time tomorrow. i think i'm all packed. toothbrush, deo, floss. 4 knitting projects, 5 books, a skirt for xmas eve church and a black dress for my mom's funeral. christmas gifts. handknit socks. yeah.

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